A dream coming true… The Birth Story Contest

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The idea of the Birth Story Contest came to me probably because I am a French translator/editor and I

am also a doula. So, together, writing and birth naturally equals the Birth Story Contest! Right? In my

mind, absolutely!

The idea of having a large community thinking and talking about birth in a positive way and empowering

other women was so motivating to me. And this is also one of the goals of the Doula Support

Foundation, to create a positive culture around birth!

But where to start? Well, first I needed judges. It happened that I knew Lyn from a book club I attend

and she was all ears when I talked about this idea. Being a local writer, she said “I am very interested,

let’s meet to talk about it”. And from there this project took a life of its own. Everyone from the Doula

Support Foundation contributed to its success, from designing a poster, to social media postings, to

distributing posters, to an interview on Limestone Lens, to advertising it in the Novel Idea window, to

finding prizes, thanks to Tina at Indigo-Kingston to offer the baskets of goodies, etc.

And then the stories started to flow in… and, and what can I say, it was overwhelming and a true

privilege to read those stories in which people put so much of their heart and soul in. One might think

those stories would be similar as they were all about birth, but not at all. No two births are the same, no

two life circumstances are the same, no two writer styles are the same.

So, the judges met and deliberated! That was an interesting process. Even though it felt like all stories

were worth sharing, we had to choose 3 winners and the honorable mention stories! We did it in a fairly

democratic way.

Then I had the pleasure to write to the winners and invite them to the Birth Sharing Circle on September

11 th at Indigo where we will give out the prizes.

And soon, after some light editing, we published the first, second and third place winners on our


This idea of a Birth Sharing Circle has been a dream for me, because I feel women need a safe space to

talk about their birth and pregnant people want to hear about it—not the horror stories, not the movie

dramatic versions, just the normal and extraordinary experience of giving birth of ordinary people. And

it is going to happen on September 11 th at Indigo!

The next step would be to make a book out of all these stories, but I have one important person missing,

an experienced skillful English editor/mentor that is ready to do it on a volunteer basis. Are you the one

or do you know someone, if so please do contact me?

Do not miss reading the Birth Stories and come and say hi on September 11 th at Indigo-Kingston.


P.S.: I would like to thank our judges, Lyn McCauley, Eileen Labrie and Sue Cross for their serious

reading and support in this project. I want to also thanks Gretchen Huntley who could not stay as a

judge for family reasons, but offered a very nice poem instead! I also would like to thank Novel Idea to

let the Doula Support Foundation used their window. Also, a special thanks to Donna Chambers who

invited the DSF on her show “Limestone Lens”. And a huge thank you to Tina Cornelius at Indigo-

Kingston for her support by giving three baskets as prizes.

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Josée Leduc is a certifying birth doula and a French translator. She is passionate about the work the Doula Support Foundation is doing and believes it is hugely important. She likes to think that one day, all women who wish to have the support of a doula during childbirth will receive that service. To know more about her as a doula or book a consultation click here. To know more about her translation life click here.

Josée Leduc