Our Doulas

Meet the active doulas working for the Doula Support Foundation. All our doulas follow the Standards of Professional Practice set by our organization and have completed the educational requirements necessary to serve you.


Laura Pascoe

Proud co-founder of the Doula Support Foundation and its Director of Doulas, I am a certified birth doula and have worked to advance women's health and sexual and reproductive health and rights for over a decade. I also run my own doula business, Bedroom Feminist, and in addition to a broad and diverse spectrum of knowledge around comfort measures/pain management for labour and childbirth, I have training/expertise in massage, counseling, using a Rebozo, Spinning Babies, pelvic floor health, and more! Having had the privilege to support people in labour and birth, and also to personally experience the invaluable support of a doula, I know the difference such support and expertise can bring, regardless of the outcome of the birth.

I am so passionate about DSF because it allows us to reach clients who would benefit most from doulas, spread the word on how valuable doula support is, and gives us a platform to engage with other health practitioners to make positive change across the spectrum of reproductive, maternal, and newborn health. I find great joy in connecting with people one-on-one, helping couples connect through the pregnancy and birth experience, and providing comfort and support as folks adjust to having a newborn. I am a fun-loving and compassionate individual who believes doula services should be client-centred and evidence-based. I am honoured to be serving the Kingston community.


Edina MacDonald

Hi! I'm Dina MacDonald. I'm a certified Birth and Bereavement Doula with StillBirthday, a Community Worker, and experienced Peer Support Worker. I specialize in supporting clients with mental health and addiction challenges.

I am passionate in my belief that every client deserves to feel free of judgement, empowered, respected, and supported in their birth experiences, wherever they are in life.

I am a bit of a bookworm and I have an excessively large collection of oldies in my playlists. I am super friendly, bubbly, and enthusiastic. I've been told that I have a great shoulder to lean on (both figuratively and literally!) I have a boxer named BeBe and a cat named Miss Biscuit.

I am the Director of Programming for Doula Support Foundation. I am thrilled to be able to help build such a beneficial resource for our community alongside such talented and lovely Doulas.


Chelsea RAe

Hello! My name is Chelsea and I am a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula currently practicing in the Greater Kingston Community. I certified through the BeboMia program and additionally received a certification in Breastfeeding Education, ChildBirth Education, and Diverse Family training.

I love to share knowledge! I believe Knowledge is truly power and seeing the strength and confidence that knowledge can bring makes me love what I do! I love to create excitement, pride, and confidence in individuals experiencing the birth process.

I have a background in the Creative Arts as well as Sales and Service. After the birth of my own two kids, I found my calling in the Birth industry. Although I missed out a bit by not having all of this training BEFORE I had my kids (darn it!), it has still helped me to process and understand my experience.

I am currently serving as Vice-Chairperson and Director of HR for the Doula Support Foundation. I am also a Childbirth Educator for Childbirth Kingston as well as serving on their board of directors. I hope to use my roles and skills to help remove the stigmas and secrets around childbirth, in order to bring together a stronger community of parents and professionals.