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Doula Support Foundation offers high quality and non-judgemental Doula services for people and families living in Kingston, Ontario area who are experiencing financial challenges.

COVID-19 Statement:

 We are here to help! While our services continue to adapt to match public health guidelines and hospital policies, there are still so many ways we are able to support clients in preparing for birth and postpartum.


Our partnership with Childbirth Kingston continues and we are able to refer you to their in-person or virtual classes.


We are meeting with doula clients either virtually or in-person (with appropriate safety measures when necessary), and we work with you to identify the ways we can best support you. The small fee. Support continues to be offered with a sliding scale fee based on your level of income as well as important household factors.


Being pregnant and giving birth may look quite different during and in the aftershock of a global pandemic, but you don't have to compromise feeling empowered and supported.