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Your Journey.
Our Support.

Welcome! We are so glad that you are here!


Doula Support Foundation offers high quality and non-judgemental Doula services for people and families living in Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas.


We aim to support families who are experiencing challenges such as, financial, giving birth alone, coping with mental health or addiction, food or housing insecurities, teen pregnancy, single parents, LGBTQA+, surrogacy journeys victims of abuse or facing struggles in their home lives, among many other folx in need of support during pregnancy and birth.

We support all families.


Our Prism program also provides support to anyone who is or has experienced pregnancy or infant loss, or is facing an unexpected fetal diagnosis.

If you feel that you may need or want additional support through your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum journey, please contact us today. 

Our partnership with Childbirth Kingston continues and we are able to refer you to their perinatal education classes.

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