Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of hardworking members of our community who are passionate about Birth, Doulas, and the Wellbeing of our community at large.

Chelsea Loutsenko
Director of HR

Chelsea is in love with all things birth and gets involved whenever she can. As well as helping people navigate the system of birth and postpartum in her local community, she also finds value in the ways different cultures treat birth and postpartum. Chelsea is also a childbirth educator and has served on the board of Childbirth Kingston. She believes that education is the best and most effective way to remove the stigmas and secrets around childbirth in order to bring together a stronger community of parents and professionals. She loves working with people and works to share her outgoing and approachable personality with those she meets. She works hard to motivate and inspire the people she works with by using her ability to delegate and organize a team. 

Chelsa Loutsenko Doulas
Laura Pascoe
Director of Doulas

Laura is a certified Birth Doula and has been working in the field of sexual and reproductive health for over a decade. In addition to providing Doula services both privately and through the Doula Support Foundation, she runs her own consulting business working with nonprofit organizations and universities both locally and internationally in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights, masculinities, gender justice, and gender-based violence prevention and response. She holds a Masters, a Ph.D., and is a member of the Ontario Public Health Association's Reproductive Health Workgroup, where she contributes to policy advocacy to enhance reproductive health for Ontarians.

Laura Pascoe Doulas
Rachel Erb

Rachel is a certified Birth Doula and placenta encapsulation specialist currently serving as the Doula Support Foundation’s Secretary. She has been passionate about all things related to human sexuality and reproduction for all of her adult life, and has been attending births for nearly that long! Through her years of expertise, she has seen the ways that birth is an intensely powerful event in the lives of both the individual giving birth and their whole family and that the experience of birth can impact them for years to come. Rachel is trained in Yoga Nidra and is also a home educating mother. Through this, she has developed invaluable skills in recognizing each person’s unique abilities and gifts and loves to work with others to discover and help them realize their own unique path. As such, in her work as a Birth Doula and with the Doula Support Foundation, Rachel is committed to improving people's birth experiences by helping to create a climate of gentle support, warmth, and care.

Rachel Erb Doulas
Edina MacDonald
Director of Programming

Edina brings enthusiasm, a drive to help, and passion to her work. She has wanted to work in a helping profession since childhood and believes that providing understanding, non-judgemental, and fully present support can mean the world to another person. 

Dina draws on a creative and client-centered approach as the Director of Programming of Doula Support Foundation. Using Her background in Community Work, She is able to bring a unique viewpoint to birth work and DSF alike.

Previously, Dina has worked in the non-profit sector, most recently as a Peer Support Worker at Peers of the Round Table in Kingston, Ontario. While there, She worked closely with clients experiencing mental health and addiction challenges. Using her love of the arts, She also created original programming which included running a successful mental health based art program for several years.

Dina holds a diploma in Community Work from Trillium College. She completed Doula training with DONA and is a certified Birth and Bereavement Doula with StillBirthday. She Specializes in supporting and empowering clients facing challenges with mental health and addictions.

Edina MacDonald Doulas
Mandy McLellan
Director of Education

The pregnancy and birth experience of her first child over 20 years ago left Mandy in awe of the transformative power of birth and with a profound and passionate connection with birth and birth culture. Six children later and attending births over the decade, her enthusiasm to continue learning and sharing knowledge has not diminished.

Mandy became involved with Childbirth Kingston in 2008 and served on the board of directors for over 10 years in various positions. The last few years was spent in the position of Director of Education and she continues in that roll under the umbrella of the Doula Support Foundation. As a Childbirth Educator, teaching expectant parents provides the platform she seeks to normalize childbirth, to debunk myths and misinformation around popular culture stigmas, and provide parents with the information and tools they need to confidently and fearlessly enter into their own parenthood journeys.

Josée Leduc
Board Member
Birth Story Contest Project Leader

Josée is a mother and grandmother, a professional French translator, a sailor, a yogi, a traveler and is currently serving as the Doula Support Foundation’s Fundraising Director. Josée has a great respect for birth ever since she had her first child, thirty-some years ago, being a doula is an honour for her. When she learned about the DSF, she thought their mission was so much in line with her own values that she joined the board to give a hand. She is highly motivated to make the DSF a success. Josée has always been a team player in her various activities over the years. She is dynamic, passionate and caring.