Meet the Doulas

Our Doulas are not only certified with their training organizations but have also gone through a verification process with Doula Support Foundation that ensures you the best support when you need it the most.

Laura Pascoe

My name is Laura and I’m a certified birth doula who has worked to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for over a decade. I became a doula because I wanted to bring comfort and support to people on their birth journey, and to help clients advocate for the choices and decisions that are right for them and their family. The birth experience is one that stays with you, regardless of how it happens, and I am committed to providing quality, non-judgmental support to you wherever and however you decide to give birth.


I co-founded DSF with this amazing group of women because I believe that every person who births should feel cared for, respected, and heard. I want doula support to be accessible to everyone—regardless of income, race, sexuality, or otherwise. I am a fun-loving and compassionate individual who has two wonderful children, loves the colour turquoise, and being upside down.




Ulanda Dean

Blessings, I'm Ulanda. I am a labour and birth Doula, as well as a yoga teacher focusing on prenatal, postnatal and children's yoga.I am a mother of 5 children. In my personal experience I've recognized the importance of positive support and the joy of giving birth, which led me to becoming a Doula. I love the beauty of bringing life into this world and it is a honour to share space with a birthing person. I want to help a birthing person have a positive and informed birth experience.

"Every birth should be supported with love!"

Labour & Birth Doula
Parental Yoga, Postnatal Yoga & Children's Yoga teacher


Tel.: 343-333-7752


Teaisha Whittingham

My name is Teaisha, I am very passionate about birth and all things babies. I love pregnancy, after all I am a mother of 3 and surrogate mother of two. I am a certified Labour and Birth Doula, trained through Doula Training Canada. I would love for each of my clients to be empowered and feel knowledgeable in making their own decisions regarding their birth and their bodies.

“Wherever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.
— Ina May Gaskin

Teaisha's Divine Doula



Rachel Erb

My interest in birth goes back to before I can remember. It grew as I had my own children and even more so when I began being invited to support friends at their births. I found serving birthing families to be fulfilling and meaningful work. Then when I began to see how powerfully birth affects people for many years after the experience, I decided to certify as a doula in order to do whatever I could to help ensure that the impact of birth would be positive and empowering for as many people as possible.


When the group of local doulas I belonged to started to dream about DSF, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. My belief that feeling well-informed, supported, validated and loved throughout the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum should not be restricted to certain people based on income or any other factor, fit perfectly with DSF’s vision. I consider it an honour and a privilege to work with birth-givers and their team as they bring new life into the world and feel that I have truly found my purpose in doula work.

Rachel Erb Certified Birth Doula (CBI)



Tel.: 613-331-1978


Josée Leduc

I became a doula long after I had my own children, three of them. In fact, it is the pregnancies of my oldest that reignited that flame in me about maternity. This is when I decided to do the DONA International training.


So, I am a bilingual (French and English) doula who has a tremendous respect for the birth process. I believe that every pregnant person should receive the support that they want and deserve. As a doula I listen to my clients. I want to understand your expectations, your worries and your wishes about your birth experience. Each person is different and therefore each birth should be too. From there I give you information so you feel ready and confident for this unique moment in life that you will never forget. It is always a privilege for me to offer my support during labour and birth. I see my role as a servant to the birthing person.


I live in the country with my husband, my dog and two cats, and enjoy the visits of my children and grand children regularly.