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Praise for An Anthology of Canadian Birth Stories

Author’s Note 

Foreword by Michael C. Klein

Introduction by Laura Pascoe and Josée Leduc

The Doula Support Foundation: A Short Story of our Birth by Laura Pascoe


Birth of the Tiger by Ashley Lightfoot

A Blazing Birth by Mandee MacDonald

Cutting Ties and Letting Go by Lori Sebastianutti

A Healing Birth by Karen Price

Luna Rising by Mercedes Papalia

Riding a Tsunami by Janelle Conor

It all Makes Sense Now by Camille Ramsberger

Worth It by Angela Douglas

Birth Plan by Brittany Oliver

Delivered by Christine Folan

She Who Brings Forth the Blossoms by Leah Timmerman

Our Rainbow by Dana MacDonald

Reclaiming My Birth Story by Danielle BoByk

Believing in Your Body by Jenna Kovacic

Mother Knows Best by Julie Meier

A Full Moon Eclipse Birth by Kristin Nuttall

Through the Doula’s Eyes: A Photo Story by Jessica Cheyne

Just Like Hollywood by Alison Ryder

A Dramatic Debut by Sara Wettlaufer

Surprise! by Sheena McDonald

Wednesday’s Child by Sara Wood-Gates

Labour, Delivery, and a Grateful Grandmother by Sharon Chisvin 

The Dark Road to Life by Mica Pants

The Middle Child by Gretchen Huntley

Oliver's Birth by Anne-Marie Laplante

In Gratitude by Scarlete Flores-Singh

A Doula Letter by Rebecca Young

My Mom Job Journey by Bonnie Jean-Louis

Curbside Delivery by Sabrina Malach

After Hours by Jennifer Osmond

At Light Speed by Lisa Brenner

Miles to Journey Through by Aly Guildford



What is a Doula and How They Help Me by Laura Pascoe

Choosing a Healthcare Provider and the Birth Setting by Josée Leduc and Laura Pascoe

Indigenous Birthing and Canada’s Birth Evacuation Policy by Karen Lawford

Birthing as a Racialized Person: What Everyone Should Know by Chandra Martini

Perinatal Care and Human Rights by Lauren Miller

Supporting Success: How Birthing Practices May Affect Breastfeeding by Dr. Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman

Recipe for a Satisfying Birth by Josée Leduc

International Childbirth Initiative: 12 Steps to Safe and Respectful MotherBaby-Family Maternity Care

Contributors to the book

Reading List 



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