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Our Mission

To make caring and inclusive pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum services, and education accessible to low-income families and the broader community.

Newborn Baby Doulas
LGBT Mothers and their Baby
Our Vision

Transforming the way we envision birth and early parenting in our communities.

Father with Newborn Baby

Why the Doula Support Foundation?

To Support Families

We strongly believe that everyone who wishes to have a Doula should be able to have one. That includes you!

We want to be able to make Doula care available to all those who want one, regardless of their personal financial circumstances. The subsidized services we offer include:



Continuous labour and birth support, so that birthing people and their families feel cared for, respected, heard, and informed

Prenatal and postpartum support, while also providing referrals and information about community resources

Lactation support to help those interested in getting breastfeeding/chestfeeding off to the best start possible

To Support Doulas

Particularly because female-dominated professions and care workers are too often undervalued (especially when the care is focused on women and gender non-conforming folks), we want to ensure that Doulas are properly compensated for the work they do in helping families and people in the community.

Additionally, we want to:

Increase awareness about the value of Doula care

Ensure a level of professionalism for those

working as Doulas

Engage in advocacy and collaborative work to advance reproductive health and maternal and newborn health locally, provincially, and more broadly

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DSF aims to offer full-spectrum Doula care through the following Doula professionals:

Labour & Birth Doulas who will take you from pregnancy, through labour and birth, and into the transition of adjusting to life with a newborn

Postpartum Doulas who will help you thrive through the milestones of the first year of having a new baby

Bereavement Doulas who, in cases of pregnancy and infant loss, will be available to guide and support you. This includes full-spectrum, non-judgemental support for various circumstances.

Our goal is to make sustainable Doula services available to all those who want them, but could not otherwise afford them.

We want to transform the way birth and parenting is envisioned in our communities.

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