Doula Services

With Doula Support Foundation you have four different ways to receive the support you need. Keep reading to learn about our programmes and how we can help you with some of life's biggest moments!

DSF Affordable Doula Programme

Living in a low-income situation and are looking for birth support that will fit into your budget? We provide affordable prenatal, labour, and early postpartum support for people and families facing financial barriers. Your DSF birth Doulas will be fully certified and trained to support you through preparing for your birth, experiencing your birth, and having the best start parenting your new baby.

Price: $30-75$

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DSF Affordable Postpartum Doula Programme

You have made it through the birth and now you are at home with a brand new baby. This can be such an amazing, but difficult time for a new parent, especially when you are already facing financial challenges. All participants of the DSF Affordable Doula Programme are eligible to apply for support hours with one of our certified postpartum Doulas to make the first months of parenting feel smoother, leaving you with more confidence!

Price: $50/10 Hours

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Loss and Termination Support Programme

The loss or end of a pregnancy, or the loss of an infant, can be a lonely and confusing time. Our Prism Doulas are fully trained and certified to support people facing these difficult experiences at any point in the journey. Whether you are expecting a loss or have already had one, our Prism Doulas are here for you at no cost.