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Available Board Positions

All those voices... will stay with you

The vice-chairperson also provides positive leadership to the BOD. She or he preferably lives in Kingston or Ontario. It is someone who shares our vision and wants to make things happen in very practical ways. The chairperson and vice-chairperson work hand in hand. The vice-chairperson envisions replacing the chairperson.

The grant writer is knowledgeable about grant's application and the different programs that match the DSF'S mission. This person will work in collaboration with the Director of Fundraising. This person can live anywhere in Canada.

The ideal secretary lives in Kingston or area and can take accurate notes of meetings or other events. The secretary keeps and maintains records of all the documentation of DSF and works closely with all board positions. 
Ensures all documentation and correspondence of the Foundation is kept organized and ready for presentation to the Board.
Oversees the production and running of original programs (classes, workshops, etc.) offered by Doula Support Foundation to the community. They will also oversee the educational programs for DSF Doulas through the production of original DSF content or by networking with other organizations in the community that provide workshops and classes to professionals.
Hire and Manage the staff and Doulas of the organization. Works closely alongside the Director of Doulas and Chairperson. Continually recruits board members and doulas conducts annual reviews of both. 
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