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Nature and Nurture, The Doula Way

This post may sound like a form of the classic "Nature Vs Nurture" debate. I assure you, it's not!

On October 24th of this year, Doula Support Organization held its first ever "Hike with a Doula". This pay-what-you-can event was designed as an opportunity for birthing folx and aspiring doulas to be able to chat to established doulas in a casual, relaxed environment. What is more relaxing than Mother Nature?

As an attendee and part organizer of this event, I can say without doubt, it is a calming and deliberate way to connect with fellow birth-surrounded humans. As we walked past baby critters, plump squirrels, and a family of Canadian geese, the conversation was endless.

There is something to be said about the combination of gentle movement, sunshine, and earth that truly replenishes the soul. Adding onto that, the safe space that doulas and aspiring doulas create is palpable. Nurture within nature is the vibe of these walks.

I absolutely LOVE that Lemoine Point is stroller accessible for any new parents who would like to chat with a postpartum doula or parents expecting baby #2,3,4+. The paths are wide and easy to maneuver on foot, too.

I will 10/10 be attending every single "Hike with a Doula" event that fits with my schedule, and I think you should too if you like:

  • Self Care

  • Connection

  • Networking

  • Nature

  • Baby Animals

  • Birth and Baby Talk (although we talk about all kinds of other things, too)

If you would like to join our next hike, register HERE.

Hope to see you there,


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