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What Really IS a Postpartum Doula?

Clean Dishes in a dish rack with gloves.
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

So you've seen the title "Postpartum Doula" around our site and out in the world. You've googled it and you've discovered that we provide information, emotional, and physical support. But What does that ACTUALLY mean?

My name is Lauren, and I have been a Postpartum Doula since 2018. I have worked closely with various family dynamics and I am here to share what postpartum support really, truly looks like.

Imagine waking up with your baby. You've had a rough time with frequent night waking. Your body is achy and refusing to flow into motion. You've filled the coffee pot wrong and there is water everywhere. You've got a load of laundry clean but unfolded, staring you in the face. You're wondering what the heck you will eat all day. Oh wait, and your babe is also furiously hungry. You unlock your front door, pause your racing thoughts and sit down to nurse. Your energy cup is running on empty.

In I come, likely a hot coffee or tea for you in hand (if that's your thing!). I see the coffee pot mishap and offer to clean it up. Ask you if you need water or a snack while you nurse. Next, I check in about your night. Finding out that you haven't slept much, I suggest a nap and ask besides the laundry (because I've already got plans to fold that) if there is anything else I can do to help around the house.

You go lay down and rest your body and your mind. While baby and I hang out. If the baby is sleeping, I will trim their fingernails - just so it's one less thing weighing on your mind. Laundry will be folded, dishes caught up, bottles sterilized. Anything little I can do to help your day run smoothly I will work hard to get done. Of course, I am going to snuggle up your baby too. I have love to go around.

You wake up feeling a little energized and ready to tackle your day. Since I am still there for 45 more minutes you take a nice long shower and put some fresh clothes on. Feeling more like yourself, you head back to the living room and shower your tiny being will the love you have spilling out of your fill cup.

But what if this isn't you. What if you're a go-getter? What if you have some support at home and you find you're getting lots of sleep at night? Or what if your nights are so horrendous you feel anxious and sleep-deprived?

Postpartum support shapes to your individual needs.

Want to get a side hobby done, perfect - I will make sure baby is happy.

Need to clean the house to feel sane? I got you.

Desperate for nighttime sleep? Let's talk about an overnight shift.

Want to get fresh air and chat? Let's go for a walk!

Postpartum support looks how you want it to. My mission, and the mission of most Postpartum Doulas, is to leave you feeling empowered, confident in your parenting skills, and spilling love because your own cup is so full.

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