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Birth stories...


because sharing stories is empowering.

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A Circle with some of the Birth Story Contest writers 2020 (and a live performance of Jenn Grant)

Community Birth Sharing Circle

The Birth Sharing Circle was one of the most valuable activities I participated in as a new mother. Amanda and Mitzi curated an incredibly meaningful gathering, offering us a safe container to receive all the joys and struggles of birthing. I was deeply moved by how connected I felt to the group after such a short time, especially given the online platform. The journey of healing from a traumatic birthing experience can feel incredibly isolating, and this is exactly the kind of ritual that our society lacks, and that I believe new mothers so desperately need. To simply have my story witnessed by the quiet encouragement of the Circle gifted me a sense of lightness and solidarity I will forever be grateful for.

- Émilie, one of the participants of the Birth Sharing Circles


Craving connection?

During this period of moving inward and isolating for the safety of all, many women are craving the connection and community that would normally support them through motherhood. In the spirit of this, the Doula Support Foundation is hosting a Birth Story Sharing Circle with proceeds going to provide connection and services to underserved communities in the Kingston area. 

Holding space and being heard

Join us on Zoom to gather with other birthing people and mothers to share the story of how your little one came into this world. Birth stories are as unique as the babies and mamas that unite them, and the experience of hearing others and of your story being heard is absolutely incredible. 

Let’s gather together and nourish our hearts, whether you want to share or just be present and listen. 

Note that space is limited to 30 and it will NOT be recorded. 

The circle is open to all birthing people, including those expecting babies right now. These sessions aim to create a safe space to share birth stories in an uncurated manner (no writing experience necessary) and to allow participants to experience being truly heard. The circles will follow a format similar to a New Moon or Red Tent circle, with meditation and opportunities to share or listen. Participants are also welcome to be a listener and choose not to share, but reflect on the power and transformative realities of birth.

From the funds raised as part of these Zoom circles, DSF plans to host community nights (in-person—once safe to do so) in Kingston that will centre not just around birth stories, but also include discussions of the joys and struggles of new parenthood. 

The birth of a new era is imminent, and we can have faith that the darkness we perceive in this current time is, in the words of Valarie Kaur, “not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb.”

- Amy Bammel Wilding


There will be a Birth Sharing Circle every other new moon.

Next Community Birth Sharing Circle

To be announced

How the Community Birth Sharing Circle will unfold?

The Birth Sharing Circle is a place to connect and feel heard. It is a safe place where the participants can freely share their birth stories, an event that calls for much respect. The circle is designed to offer an environment to speak freely from your heart, however, it is not an invitation to council or comment on any other’s experience. 

The evening will go as follow:

  • Opening discussion from facilitators

  • Grounding exercise

  • Prompts and reflection

  • One round to present ourselves 

  • Sharing stories (about 5 to 10 minutes per person depending on how many we have, better concentrate on only one birth)

  • Closing the circle

Amanda Molnar and Mitzi Jones, Board members of the Doula Support Foundation, who facilitated New Moon Circles previously will be your facilitators.

We are looking forward to this powerful event.

More ways to share your birth stories...
Write your birth story in no more than 2000 words and submit it to the Doula Support Foundation's Birth Story Writing Contest before August 1st 2021. You may win a cash prize or your story may be published on our website.

Complete a survey that will give you a voice. This is a study about maternity care in Canada at

Image by Garrett Jackson
Words can change how we see the world, those ones may
change how you see birth.
A safe and non-judgemental space to share birth stories or to listen and hold space.
We are welcoming many different voices and perspectives.
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